Improving Agricultural Training

The reduction of the pollutants ammonia and methane are essential for a low emission agriculture and for the long term sustainability of the sector. The farmers of the future will require more expertise and a wider range of competencies in this field. But so far, the agricultural vocational education and training does not consider these topics sufficiently. Low emission farming will entail new requirements in terms of vocational qualifications and training (agricultural vocational training). Most of the experts underline that the issues of ammonia and methane reduction need to be integrated more strongly in agricultural vocational education.

The German vocational education and training system, known as the dual training scheme, is a combination of theory and training. The main characteristic is cooperation between companies (farms) and public vocational schools and it is complemented by inter-company courses.

Our German partner Environmental Action Germany (DUH) conducted an online survey to all 163 vocational schools of agriculture and universities in order to get an update about the relevance of ammonia and methane reductions measures in vocational education and training and to inform about the project’s objectives and participation opportunities.

As a follow-up, DUH organizes four expert talks with selected experts and stakeholders as well as a one-day conference in 2021, which will address a wider audience to enable exchange and networking.

With our action, we want to influence the next generation of farmers regarding climate and health protection. Only an informed farmer, who knows about the impacts of his own actions and the right practical tools to avoid negative effects on environment and climate, will implement this knowledge in his own business.




Regional dialogue about agricultural education and training
24 September 2020 in Verden, Lower Saxony; Link to report (German)


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Good Practice

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